Film maker on a writer’s show?

Why would a film maker be on a radio show about writing?

That’s a good question.
However, on a production the director needs to read and analyse the script. They need to see the whole story, sometimes, usually, editing the story not only for brevity but also for interest. The adage “Show Me” comes into full force. A writer has to craft the story with words creating a virtual world in the readers mind. The director takes that thought then based on his vision (and a lot of help) realizes those words into their vision.
With an independent film the director can also be the writer of the script. Robert Rodriguez the Director and writer of El mariachi has often said he looks at what he had available and wrote a script based on that. Other lower budget films the director is usually the script writer.
A documentary film maker doesn’t usually write what is considered a script but rather an overarching idea. While there may be a script for intent, actual content cannot really be scripted. Obviously there are exceptions. The “Ken Burn’s” type of documentary is fully scripted, the factual reporting type documentary much less so.
If you are interested on what this Film maker has to say … Listen to Scribble WVIK (90.3 FM) or at this WVIK Streaming Audio   Saturday February 13 at noon.

The second half of the program features my wife Teresa LaBella discussing & reading from her novel “Heartland”.

Her web site is Storyteller30 web site.



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