About Us

Born in the UK. ¬†Emigrated,to Canada. Freelance Commercial Photographer in Halifax (NS) and Toronto (ON). ¬†Personal Computer Consultant and trainer for several Fortune 500 Companies. Relocated to Davenport (IA). Executive Chef and owner of “The Office Party Catering”. Instructor for Scott Community College.

First experimented with movies in the early 70’s shooting not only live footage but also experimenting with stop motion animation.

In the 80’s experimented with the then new VHS equipment.

All the time wanting to do more and being held back by the availability of equipment to realize his vision.

Philosophy of film making, to entertain, to inform.

Favorite film directors – Preston Sturgess,

Frank Capra (yes its true likes “Capracorn”),

Stanley Kubrik (for his vision).

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